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Anne, an authorized by the state national tourist and cultural guide

in Southern France & Monaco





I am an official tourist guide authorized by the state of France & Monaco, working on the French Riviera & Provence, to show and explain the highlights to my guests like:  the museums, the nature and gardens, the climate, the activities,  the heritage sites, the history, artistic life and anything that interest you..


I have been around the world, but I am a real Viking born in Norway.  In 2005, I landed on the French Riviera, and I have never left; it is always something to discover.


Welcome or "Velkommen" as we say in Norway or "Bienvenue" in French.


Please do not hesitate contact me by mail:



Enjoy your holiday more with ANNE an "expert" guide

Enjoy good food & drinks.

I can help you in many ways in this area.

See the most beautiful places.

Anne Strømberg Asti



France & Monaco



Don't waste your precious time and money on tourist traps,

get the most out of your holiday!

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